Forensics Homicide Detective

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Forensics Homicide Detective by Mind Map: Forensics Homicide Detective

1. Topic Sentence:The topic I will be exploring is a Forensics Homicide Detective.

2. Critical Thinking Questions?

2.1. What is a Homicide Detective?

2.1.1. - Solve murders and apprehend individual responsible.

2.1.2. -Veteran law enforcement

2.1.3. -Routine interviews,surveillance and record checks

2.1.4. -In charge of crime scene

2.1.5. -Used in expert testimonies

2.1.6. -They inform family members if there is a death

2.2. How may hours does a Homicide Detective work?

2.2.1. -On call 24 hours

2.2.2. -On a normal day work 12-18 hrs

2.2.3. -Can do 48 hours depending on the unit each station has beds for the detectives to sleep

2.3. How much does a Homicide Detective make?

2.3.1. - Average of $61,230 a year

2.3.2. -Pay can vary by location and size of unit

2.3.3. -Usually make $29.13 an hour

2.4. What type of schooling does a Homicide Detective need?

2.4.1. - A High School Diploma

2.4.2. -An Associates in Criminal Justice

2.4.3. - To work federal jobs must have Bachelors Degree

2.4.4. -Must have experience as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer (5+ years)

2.5. What makes being a Homicide Detective difficult?

2.5.1. - A case going unsolved

2.5.2. -Lack of sleep

2.5.3. -Dealing with stress

2.5.4. -Dangerous & difficult work

2.5.5. -Some situations can start to take an emotional toll

2.6. When can a Homicide Detective retire?

2.6.1. - A homicide Detective is pushed into retirement by their mid 50s depending on the unit

3. Sources

3.1. -Going to your local library to take out books or talk to a Librarian.

3.1.1. -Email a Librarian

3.2. -Use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer

3.3. -Email/call a Homicide Detective

3.4. -Go to your local police department

3.5. -Check Online databases ex, Richard G Trefry Library

3.6. -Job Shadow

3.7. -Use scholarly databases ex. EBSCO,PROQUEST or OCLC Etc.

3.8. -Youtube some videos on interviewing or about the job

3.9. -Government/News sites for recent articles/news

3.10. -Email or call a College Professor for schooling needed

3.11. -Social media to get in touch with a Homicide Detective or Retiree

3.12. -Look for Bibliographies, magazines & articles

3.13. -Try to find Quotes or Exact Phrases to narrow your search