Grouping Learners. J. Harmer (2007) Chapter 10.

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Grouping Learners. J. Harmer (2007) Chapter 10. by Mind Map: Grouping Learners. J. Harmer (2007) Chapter 10.

1. Organising pairwork and group making it work. What realices the use of different grouping.

2. Troublesshooting. Procedures for pairwork and groupwork before/after. How to make a group.

3. Teacher behaviour before, during grouping. Whole class teaching. Different types / kind of things.

4. Creating pairs and group friendship. Streaming. Types of sitting arragment (type of groups). The tasks / changing groups status.

5. Different groups. There is no limit the way in which teachers can make groups. Activities. Seatting whole group seated in ordering rows.

6. Individualised learning. Pair work-speaking time any one SS get. Groupwork-play a situation. More suitable:variety in a sequence, the mood.