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Sexuality by Mind Map: Sexuality

1. How to Assess Sexual Behavior

1.1. 1st. Interview to determine what is going on

1.2. 2nd. Medical evaluation to determine if something is physically wrong

1.3. 3rd. Psychophysiological assessment to determine psychological causes to contributing factors

2. Causes and Treatments of Sexual Dysfunctions

2.1. Chronic Illness

2.2. Prescription Drugs (such as high blood pressure medicine and antidepressants)

2.3. Recreational drugs (such as cocaine and heroin)

2.4. Treatments include: Education, medication, and surgical techniques.

3. Sexual Dysfunction

3.1. Disorders in which people find it difficult to preform during sexual activity

3.2. Includes disorders of sexual desire in which interest in sex is low or nonexistent.

3.3. Most common is premature ejaculation in males and inhibited orgasm in females

4. Gender Dysphoria and Transvestic Disorder

4.1. Gender Dysphoria- Biological sex does not match with gender identity

4.2. Trasvestic Disorder- Arousal from dressing up as opposite gender

5. Normal Sexuality

5.1. Depends on culture

6. Paraphilic Disorders

6.1. Disorders in which arousal causes impairment or danger to an individual or to others.

6.1.1. Fetishistic Disorder (nonliving objects)

6.1.2. Voyeuristic (observing) and Exhibitionist (exposing oneself) Disorders

6.1.3. Sexual Sadism/Masochism (Inflicting or suffering pain/humiliation)

6.1.4. Pedophilia (children)

7. How to Treat Paraphilic Disorders

7.1. Assessed through levels of paraphilic arousal, level of desires arousal to adults, social skills, ability to form relationships

7.2. Disorders treated through behavior therapy procedures or drugs.

7.2.1. Covert sensitization-associate sexually arousing images in their imagination with reason why the behavior is harmful.