Designing the Perfect Me

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Designing the Perfect Me by Mind Map: Designing the Perfect Me

1. Be a person with Integrity

1.1. People with integrity adhere to a code of ethics that makes them be

1.1.1. Decent

1.1.2. Honest

1.1.3. Morally upright

2. Be full of corageousness

2.1. Courageous people are not silent bystanders but rather

2.1.1. People with principles

3. Have a sense of humor

3.1. Life has its up and downs. Everything is easier if welcomed with a smile.

4. Be successful

4.1. Accomplishing your goals in life is what it's all about. Successful people are

4.1.1. Happy

4.1.2. Intelligent

4.1.3. Have common sense

5. Be a self confident person

5.1. Who is going to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself?

5.1.1. High self esteem A person with low self esteem spells disaster and show inability to be

6. Be generous

6.1. Nothing is worst that being miserly. Giving back and helping others is one of the most important things in life.

7. Be a person of faith

7.1. Professing and loving God's word is essential in live. It helps you know you are not alone and you are here for a purpose.

8. Be passionate

8.1. Be it in marriage, work or life itself, being passionate leads you to be

9. Be ambitious and autonomous

9.1. Shoot for the stars without depending on anyone

10. Display leadership

10.1. Being a leader entails responsibility, power, vision, values, charisma, and intelligence.

11. Having great social skills like

11.1. Being a great communicator

11.2. Persuader

11.3. Active listener

12. Be focused and self-controlled

13. Take on challenges

13.1. Mediocre people do not succeed in life. Go for it no matter the obstacles.

13.1.1. Leads to decision making and emotional intelligence

14. Forgive and let go.

14.1. Anger only holds you back in a vicious circle of misery. Forgiving leads you to br

15. Be grateful

15.1. With life, with god, with your family, your culture, your nation. Cherish your roots and your blessings

16. Be humble

16.1. No matter what you have accomplished, stay humble.

16.1.1. Show respect to others

17. Play fair

17.1. Be free from bias and condemn injustice.