Software / Hardware

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Software / Hardware by Mind Map: Software / Hardware

1. System Software

1.1. All programs that allow the user to perform one or more specific tasks are included

1.1.1. Text processors, spreadsheets, editors, telecommunications, numerical and symbolic calculation software, videogames, among others. Operating systems Device drivers Diagnostic tools Correction and Optimization Tools Servers Utilities

2. App software

2.1. Are those tools that a programmer uses to develop computer programs.

2.1.1. Applications of industrial automation and control system Office automation applications Educational software Medical software Numerical Calculation Software Assisted Design Software (CAD) Numerical Control Software (CAM)

3. Programming Software

3.1. Is one that allows users to interact with the operating system as well as control it.

3.1.1. Text editors Compilers Interpreters Linkers Debuggers Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

4. Internal

4.1. It is located inside the computer tower, such as cables, circuits, the central processing unit or storage devices

5. Peripherals

5.1. they are located on the outside of the computer tower. Among them we have the input peripherals, which give information to the system, such as the mouse or the keyboard; the output peripherals, which show the operations performed on the computer