Storm Game

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Storm Game by Mind Map: Storm Game

1. Audio

1.1. Music

1.1.1. 8-bit

1.1.2. Simple/sad

1.1.3. Uplifting by day/depressing by night?

1.2. Ambience

1.2.1. Storm Effects

1.3. Sound Effects

2. World

2.1. Basic house

2.1.1. Several basic rooms

2.1.2. 1 floor 1 person house Houseplans

2.2. Random Generation

2.2.1. Different types of houses/rooms/backstories

2.2.2. Different settings

2.2.3. People living with you (?)

3. Player

3.1. Inventory

3.1.1. Very limited space

3.1.2. Item database

3.1.3. Listed (? like skyrim) or normal slotted

3.2. Movement

3.2.1. Top down 3D

3.2.2. Point and click

3.3. Interaction

3.3.1. Doors

3.3.2. Picking up items

4. Story

4.1. You we're driving home to a loved one (?) and a giant storm struck. You decide to pull over at a cottage. While knocking on the door, you soon realise that there is no one inside. You decide to let yourself in because no sane person would sit on the porch in a storm this big.

4.2. You find different areas in the house by unlocking them in a certain way. While surviving the storm, more and more of the story opens up.

4.3. You will find out more about the old man living there and his sad tale along with his theories and stories about a storm that lasted a hundred days.

5. Legend

5.1. White = Idea/not for sure going to be in the game

5.2. Blue = Planning to be in game but not priority

5.3. Red = Needs to be done/priority

5.4. Orange = Working on currently

5.5. Green = Completed/ready for testing

6. Stats

6.1. Health

6.1.1. Health will be moderately easy to keep up with since realistically there shouldn't be too many threats to deal with unless there are zombies (?)

6.2. Thirst

6.2.1. Thirst will be the least hard to keep up with since the water from the storm will be fresh. However, it will be a bit of a nuisance to make sure you pay attention to your stats and don't go afk or spend too much time crafting etc.

6.3. Hunger

6.3.1. Hunger will be hard to deal with since there aren't many legitimate ways to gather food without going outside. You are going to have to be smart.

6.4. Sanity

6.4.1. Sanity will be hard to deal with since the fact that you are alone and don't know which day is your last could be frustrating.

6.4.2. Keeping a journal will make things easier on you and allow you to keep track of progress throughout the day.

7. Graphics

7.1. Low poly 3D

8. Interface

8.1. Main Menu

8.2. Options Menu

8.3. Stat bars