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computer by Mind Map: computer

1. Hardware

1.1. Internal

1.1.1. (disco duro, placa madre, microprocesador, circuitos, cables, etc.)

1.2. Peripherals

1.2.1. (scanners, printers)

1.3. Equipment or devices that you can touch

1.3.1. CPU

1.3.2. Hard drive

1.3.3. Monitor

1.3.4. CPU, hard drive, monitor, cell phone, etc.

1.4. The hardware is usually distinguished between basic (the devices needed to start the operation of a computer) and complementary (perform certain specific functions).

2. Software

2.1. what is running on the computer

2.1.1. Windows

2.1.2. Computer games

2.1.3. Word processor

2.1.4. Internet browsers

2.1.5. Apps

2.2. App software

2.2.1. Is the one that serves to perform tasks, thus facilitating the user's work. Examples are text processors such as Word, spreadsheets, design programs, entertainment, etc.

2.3. Programming Software

2.3.1. Are the text editors for writing programs in a specific language, program diagnostic tools, code debugging programs, etc.

2.4. System Software

2.4.1. Programs that serve so that the user has control over the computer and support other programs. It consists of software that serves to control and interact with the operating system, providing control over the computer hardware