African Imperialism- Bryce Utz

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African Imperialism- Bryce Utz by Mind Map: African Imperialism- Bryce Utz

1. Motives

1.1. Economic

1.1.1. New Markets

1.1.2. Resources

1.2. Nationalistic

1.2.1. Prove their nationalism is greater than others

1.3. Political

1.3.1. Leaders will do things to show their superiority

2. Enabling Factors

2.1. Nationalism

2.2. Increased Technology

2.2.1. Transportation Steam Powered Ships

2.2.2. Medicine isolated quinine from cinchona bark botanical gardens

2.2.3. Weapons Machine Guns Rifiling Breech loading Gun

3. Impact on Colonies

3.1. Europe

3.1.1. Increased attempt to support colonies Sanitation education

3.2. New Tech

3.2.1. Transportation Steam Boats

3.2.2. Tele_ devices

3.2.3. new Medicine

3.3. loses

3.3.1. money/resources

3.3.2. freedom

3.3.3. Nationalism/Culture

3.3.4. Land

3.3.5. Death

4. Impacts on Colonizing Powers

4.1. Political Problems

4.1.1. Disrupted many political forces/units

4.1.2. united rivaled people under single government

4.1.3. tensions rose between western power

4.1.4. Hostile conditions ended up leading to WW1

4.2. Global Economy

4.2.1. Reallocation of Goods Goods Technology Money

4.3. Confrontation between cultures

4.3.1. western nations had immense power forced people to accept modern western ways

4.4. Affect on colonies

4.4.1. natural wealth standard of living was very bad most wealth funneled to mother country

4.4.2. Used colonies just for goods Colonies development was stunted because every resource they had was taken by the motherland

4.4.3. imported goods wiped out local craft industry

4.4.4. native culture and industry was wiped out

5. CLOSURE- i still believe the nationalistic factor is most applicable, due to a country population be willing to support the countries actions and possibly fight part of their battles for them.