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1. Gloteck crisys

1.1. Job complete first come first

1.2. Desplay notice to cusyemer

1.3. New Topic

2. Global

2.1. Financial status

2.1.1. New overdue Oustanding following system

2.2. Show room salesup

2.2.1. Door to door wisit to rasy payment sale New Topic

2.2.2. Wisit with slow moowing on delevery

2.3. Stuff new rule & regulations for wake up

2.3.1. Security deposit for all one Rouls



3.1.1. Save 40,000.00

3.1.2. Can be replace to butyful


3.2.1. Job Peti cash global & gloteck Mama karanawa Dimo reports Heshani hadanawa Fuji reports Banking

3.2.2. Loku lahiru Tharaha wenawa

4. New office work shedule

4.1. Prechasing ,

4.1.1. DMC figure and aprued, Send to visna

4.1.2. Make prechasing odor Haeshana Items Qty Price after descount,unit price Descount scheem Credit tearms (days Acnolage person when oder recived Vender name & Details Sending methods oder to vender Heshani enterd qb Mention current stock Hand over Dmc Qty of pending oder To pay details to vender Visna Make nessory actions to send oder to vender Follow up for oder and updaat acnolage person File po

4.2. Re destribition ,inventoru

4.2.1. Oder reciving from vender Visna Re check with perchase oder Counting & reciving items Update nessory persons Pricing Enter qb File bill Vender paylment

4.2.2. Re distribution Item prepairing to invoice Gamini Bandara Inspection of loding Market rtn riciving On delevery rtn Rtn note Balance lory collection sheet

4.3. Banking ,finance

4.3.1. Pd Chequs hadaling Reciving sales taff collection enter qb Cash Chequs Lory collection Chequs Cash

4.3.2. Bank account hadaling

4.3.3. Peticash book Day income sales staff collection Show room collection Lory collection Gloteck Day expenditures Balance

4.4. Tax ,EPF,odit

4.5. Sales

4.5.1. Enter oder to qb

4.5.2. Invoicing Show room Credit Cash Wholesale Gloteck

4.5.3. Update sales staff Credit limit Inventory

4.6. Oustanding handling

5. Year end sales pramotion

5.1. Benifit can be gain