JEB Stuart High Name Change

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JEB Stuart High Name Change by Mind Map: JEB Stuart High Name Change

1. School Staff

1.1. Penny Gros

2. Events/Actions

2.1. Started after the SC massacre in 2015

2.2. Online Petitions

2.2.1. For Change Initial Petition Celebrity Alumni Petition

2.2.2. Against Change discuss the details FCSB Petition

2.3. School Board Meeting (Feb 2016)

2.3.1. to determine support Survey (May 2016)

2.4. Community Meeting (May 2016)

2.5. Ad-Hoc Committee Formed (July 28)

2.5.1. divided into 4 subcommittees

2.6. Community Name Vote

2.6.1. Voting on name change one vote per household in school district

2.6.2. 1. Stuart Raiders 917 points

2.6.3. 2. Thurgood Marshall 763 points

2.6.4. 3. Barbara Rose Johns 737 points

2.7. School Board vote to change name to Justice High School

2.7.1. Superintendent Scott S. Braband Recommendation

2.7.2. Donations and Funding

3. Parties

3.1. Organizations

3.1.1. Alumni Associations JEB Stuart HS Alumni Association

3.1.2. Fairfax County NAACP

3.1.3. School Board Members Sandy Evans Ilryong Moon Jane Strauss Pat Hynes Karen Corbett Sanders Dalia Palchik Thomas Wilson Ryan McElveen Elizabeth Schultz Megan McLaughlin (Abstain) Tamara Derenak Kaufaxn (Abstain) Karen Keys-Gammara (Missing) Ad-Hoc Committee Pro/Con Committee Public Engagement Committee Financial Partnerships and Burden Prevention Committee "Keepers" Subcommittee

3.1.4. J.E.B. Stuart High School’s Parent Teacher Student Association

3.1.5. News Outlets Washington Post Falls Church News Press Fairfax County Times WUSA 9 Peggy Fox NPR, WAMU 88.5

3.2. People

3.2.1. Col Mendez Family

3.2.2. Tom Davis

3.2.3. Lisa McQuail

3.2.4. Don Hackenson

3.2.5. Kojo Nnamdi

3.3. Groups

3.3.1. Justice High School Fundraiser Host Committee

3.3.2. Community Members

3.3.3. Current Students

3.3.4. Concerned Citizens of Fairfax

4. Beliefs/Interests

4.1. For the name change

4.1.1. Change name to better reflect diversity of Falls Church community

4.1.2. Name came from VA Massive Resistance Movement Reactionary movement to Civil Rights Movement

4.1.3. Offensive to glorify Confederate history in manners like this Promotes Lost Cause Narrative

4.2. Against the name change

4.2.1. preserve history

4.2.2. J.E.B. Stuart set up an encampment near the school grounds Honoring local and physical heritage + history

4.2.3. High financial cost to rename

4.2.4. Emotional connection to high school + name (alumni)

5. Dynamics

5.1. Issues

5.1.1. Alumni Pushback Cost Who's Paying? Other School Needs Community Voted for "Stuart"

5.1.2. Narratives For Proxy Fight Political Pushback Racial Diverisity Against Erasing History Lost cause narrative