About Me: Ayee Azah

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About Me: Ayee Azah by Mind Map: About Me: Ayee Azah

1. What Pays the Bills

1.1. First Job

1.1.1. Donations and Funding Coordinator for the City of San Jose

1.2. Current Job

1.2.1. Flight Surgeon for the US Navy

1.3. Dream Job

1.3.1. Chief Medical Officer of an Airlines

2. Places I've Called Home

2.1. Hometown

2.1.1. San Jose, CA

2.2. For School

2.2.1. Los Angeles, CA

2.2.2. Nashville, TN

2.3. For Work

2.3.1. Bethesda, MD

2.3.2. Pensacola, FL

2.3.3. New Bern, NC

3. Places I've Learned

3.1. Undergradute

3.1.1. University of Southern California (USC)...no, my parents did not pay for me to get in

3.1.2. Major: Biology Minor: Gerontology (The study of aging)

3.2. Medical School

3.2.1. Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN)

3.3. Post-Graduate Training

3.3.1. Intern Year: Internal Medicine at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and then I went to naval flight school in Pensacola, FL

4. Current Goals

4.1. Train for the Marine Corps Marathon in October

4.2. Travel to one new country for fun

4.3. Submit one article for publication in a leadership-focused journal