School's Bullying Polices

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School's Bullying Polices by Mind Map: School's Bullying Polices

1. teachers, staff, and administration not being trained to know what is bullying

1.1. try showing different examples of what bullying looks like.

1.1.1. try different anti-bullying polices to see which one will work best for that partial school.

2. Administration not having valid consequences if you are the bully.

2.1. Not just talking to parents but talk to the actual student being bullied, being expelled, not just suspended for a few days or weeks the student is still going to come back and continue to bully.

3. Parents should be able to blame the school or sue because the bullying occurred at the school.

3.1. School's should pay or be blamed for a child taking their own life because the school wasn't doing their job.

3.2. Cyberbullying is the schools fault because sometimes it occurs during school hours or after school but still on campus.

4. Examples of Bullying should be taught in school's

5. Outdated school's polices

5.1. How often do the polices get changed to modified to this current generation?

6. not addressing bullying

6.1. leads to depression, committing suicide

7. families should go public if the school is not proctecting their student so people are aware.

8. Laws that have been pasted due to young students committing suicide.

8.1. Rosie's Law

9. Students should be taught how bullying can affect someone

9.1. the affects of their actions when it comes to bullying