Elon Musk

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Elon Musk by Mind Map: Elon Musk

1. Early Life

1.1. Fresh out of college, he founded Zip2, which later became Paypal

1.1.1. He sold Zip2 (Paypal) to another company

1.2. Used profit from Zip2 to make his other companies

1.3. His actions had great risk, making him a huge venture-capitalist

2. Childhood

2.1. Lived in South Africa as a kid

2.1.1. Materials

2.1.2. Personnel

2.1.3. Services

2.1.4. Duration

2.2. Chose to live with dad after parents divorced, 3 kids split.

2.3. Read every single book in his local library and neighborhood book stores

2.4. Called himself a "geek"

2.5. Considered it a terrible childhood

2.6. Read Comics and interested in Sci-Fi

3. Personality

3.1. He is curt and socially awkward

3.2. Elon has an impact on everyone he meets, they either hate or love him

3.3. Has a normal life, except works a lot

3.4. Needs to take a jet from one company to another each week

4. 3 Companies

4.1. Tesla

4.1.1. Has it's cars sold in showrooms in high end shopping malls and online

4.1.2. Free Charging stations everywhere

4.1.3. Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla and is still the CEO

4.2. SpaceX

4.2.1. Elon spends most his time there.

4.2.2. Elon works here then takes his jet to the tesla headquarters.

4.2.3. Builds Rockets/Goal is to put a man on mars and back with spaceX

4.3. SolarCity

4.3.1. This company is what Powers Musk's free of charge power stations for Tesla

4.3.2. Solar City is his smallest company, but it makes an impact on the others

5. His Ideas

5.1. Elon thinks there will be an apocalypse, that's why he sold flamethrowers to the public for 500$

5.1.1. Asked the interviewer if they thought he was crazy

5.2. He believes that humans need to collectively ascend by gaining more wisdom of the universe

5.3. He likes to play video games and crash at his friends houses

6. Entertainment

6.1. For his birthday he has extremely expensive parties.

6.1.1. His parties are unique and fun

6.2. Bought a house in bel air

6.3. Went to Hollywood Nightclubs

6.3.1. Always has something to do

6.4. Wife kept a blog of their family life