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Study Skills by Mind Map: Study Skills

1. Personal development skills

1.1. Time management and schedulimg

1.1.1. build a rationale, determine how the time is spent, estimate time, scheduling, monitoring and using a to-do list

1.2. Self-monitoring and reinforcement

1.2.1. MARKER strategy: goal, steps to complete goal, time, materials needed, monitor progress, rewards. PROJECTS model: psych up, record and ask, organize, jump to it, engage in the work, check the work, turn it in, set your course.

1.3. Class participation

1.3.1. STANT strategy: sit up, lean forward, activate your thinking, name key information, track the talker.

2. Process Skills

2.1. Listening and taking notes

2.1.1. increases a students attention, requires deep cognitive processing, helps students learn and remember the information more easily. Be sure to TEACH students how to take notes.

2.2. Learning from text

2.2.1. Survey, question, read, recite, review.

3. Expression Skills

3.1. Remembering information

3.1.1. LISTS strategy: look for clues, investigate the items, select a mnemonic device using FIRST (form a word, insert a letter or letters, rearrange the letters, shape a sentence, try combinations.), transfer the information, self test.

3.2. Studying and taking test

3.2.1. Manage study time, create study aids, learn about the test, predict questions, think positive.