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touchstone by Mind Map: touchstone

1. Sports

1.1. basketball

1.1.1. school

1.1.2. outside of school

1.2. soccer

1.2.1. community

1.2.2. soccer camps

2. Family

2.1. my younger siblings

2.1.1. babysiting

2.1.2. being a role model

2.1.3. being looked up

2.2. my parents

2.2.1. coming to canada

2.2.2. starting a new new life in a new country

2.2.3. disciplined and crafted me

2.3. living with grandparents

2.3.1. was hectic at times

2.3.2. Had to form new relationships with new people i've never met before they were young was not used to the language

2.3.3. was given a lot a freedom at a young age

2.4. relationship with uncles

3. Childhood

3.1. School

3.1.1. going to the same school from sk to gr.8

3.1.2. staff was basically family

3.1.3. didn't really prepare me for highschool

3.1.4. schools sports teams and clubs

3.2. Summer

3.2.1. every summer was worth waiting for

3.2.2. best time of the year

3.2.3. long nights playing outside

3.3. Friends

3.3.1. Having the same friends for all thoes year

3.3.2. having to leave old friends behind

3.3.3. New students created new friendship oppotunities

4. First Job

4.1. Cameron Chinese

4.1.1. management makes working there worth while Very nice, treated you like family

4.1.2. Skills I gained

4.1.3. Job satisfaction working hours the pay

5. Summer of 2016

5.1. calgary

5.1.1. visiting uncles

5.2. Netflix

5.2.1. binge watching

5.3. Parties

5.3.1. birthday

5.3.2. street

5.4. Wonderland