Methods In Language Teaching

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Methods In Language Teaching by Mind Map: Methods In  Language Teaching

1. The Direct Method

1.1. this method is used in teaching foreign languages, refrains from using the learners' native language and uses only the target language.

1.1.1. Principles and Procedures: - Classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language. - Only everyday vocabulary and sentences were taught. - Oral communication skills are formed in a carefully graduated progression, organized around exchanges of questions and answers between teachers and students in small and intensive classes. - Grammar was taught inductively. - New teaching points were introduced orally. Techniques - Concrete vocabulary was taught through demonstration, objects and pictures; abstract vocabulary was taught by association of ideas. - Both speech and listening comprehension were taught. - Correct pronunciation and grammar were emphasized.

2. Grammar-Translation Method

2.1. "to know everything about something rather than the thing itself"

2.1.1. characteristics - Grammar Translation is a way of studying a language that approaches the language first through detailed analysis of its grammar rules. - Reading and writing are the major focus. Techniques - Grammar rules are presented and illustrated, as well as a list of vocabulary elements with their translation equivalents and translation exercises are prescribed.

3. Audio-lingual Method

3.1. A technique of foreign-language instruction that emphasizes audio-lingual skills over reading and writing and is characterized by extensive use of pattern practice.

3.1.1. characteristics - Structural patterns are taught using repetitive drills. - Grammar is taught by inductive analogy rather than deductive explanation. - Vocabulary is strictly limited and learned in context. - There is much use of tapes, language labs, and visual aids. Techniques - Great importance is attached to pronunciation. - Very little use of the mother tongue by teachers is permitted. - There is a tendency to manipulate language and disregard content.