Mobile Apps in Education

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Mobile Apps in Education by Mind Map: Mobile Apps in Education

1. Apps for Communication

1.1. Google Classroom

1.1.1. Google Classroom can be used to distribute assignments or notes. It can also be used to communicate with students and allow them to communicate with each other.

1.2. Padlet

1.2.1. Padlet is a virtual bulletin board that students can communicate on and share ideas

1.3. Google Hangouts

1.3.1. I think this would be great for students to use to collaborate and work together on projects

2. Apps for Collaboration

2.1. Google Docs

2.1.1. Google docs allows students to collaborate one document and has many extensions within it.

2.2. Google Slides

2.2.1. Google Slides allows for students to collaborate on presentations or I like to use it for different activities and hyperdocs.

2.3. Quizlet

2.3.1. Quizlet is great for extra practice problems. Quizlet Live is a great tool to allow for student collaboration and teamwork.

3. Apps for Instruction

3.1. EDpuzzle

3.1.1. EDpuzzle allows for differentiation during instruction. Students are able to work at their own pace and ask individual questions as they work. EDpuzzle also allows for embeded questions to collect data while students work.

3.2. NearPod

3.2.1. NearPod is an interactive powerpoint. You can embed anything from questions, videos or normal slides that students can work with.

3.3. Pear Deck

3.3.1. PearDeck is another interactive powerpoint app. It can be used through Google slides and allows for embedded questions.

3.4. Desmos

3.4.1. Online Graphing Calculator. Teacher.Desmos has many free activities for student discovery that are awesome.

4. Apps for Assessment

4.1. Quizizz

4.1.1. Quizizz is a multiplayer game that allows for students to practice different concepts and get feedback as they go. The app also collects data for you to look over.

4.2. Google Forms

4.2.1. Google Forms is very easy to use and the data it collects is very easy to read.