Quality assurance Proposal plan

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Quality assurance Proposal plan by Mind Map: Quality assurance Proposal plan

1. course description

1.1. Location

1.1.1. the governorate Al-Batinah\Sohar

1.1.2. the school Sohar School

1.1.3. the grade level Grade 5

1.2. the details of instructional modle

1.2.1. the instructional modle Cunsrtectivism

1.2.2. the instructional strategy Direct Instruction experimental learning

1.3. Discription of the course

1.3.1. this course designed for grade 5 at Sohar school. its explore how to create a presentation by using PowerPoint in basic way.

2. Instruction to Quality assurance

2.1. Intruding Quality Assurance Plan

2.1.1. This Quality Assurance will applied to IT course in order to make sure that this course is meeting the standers and to prevent the weakness.

2.2. What is Quality Assurance

2.2.1. a program for systematic monitoring and evaluating of the different aspects of instructional process, service, or facility to insure if the standers of instruction are met.

2.3. Why Quality Assurance

2.3.1. to increase the educational institution quality

2.3.2. to prevent unacceptable results

2.3.3. meeting the standers

2.3.4. improving the quality of learning and the results.

3. second paragraph

4. First paragraph