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My World View by Mind Map: My World View

1. Friends

1.1. Friends shape our worldview through influencing our beliefs, attitudes and helping to make important decisions or choices in life

1.1.1. Can have both a positive and negative effect on individuals such as through having an affect on our emotions

2. Ethnicity

2.1. Cultural Traditions

2.2. Language

2.2.1. Allows to interact with others, share and learn new knowledge

2.3. Religion

2.3.1. Beliefs help to shape our thoughts and morals

2.3.2. Buddhist and Anglican

2.4. Cultural background

2.4.1. Example, Chinese and Canadian As for example, Western culture is known to be more analytic or individualistic, it prefers the methods of predicting and explaining, and relies on the use of formal logic and the law of contradiction. Whereas in other cultures such as in Chinese culture, it is known to be more holistic and interpersonal and are more accustomed at determining other peoples perspectives. Thus, culture can influence our worldview by shaping our character and values. Unique cultural settings influence our thoughts and can play a role in how one is brought up

3. Education

3.1. Ways of learning

3.1.1. Ways of reading and writing Studying and engaging in discussion about issues within different parts of the world allows for a different perspective from a person of a different socioeconomic, religious or political background. This helps to contribute to making an individuals own values and worldviews become clearer.

3.1.2. Technology in schools enables students to learn about what is happening in other parts of the world such as political, environmental and social conlficts. This can help to shape our own worldview in a manner that makes us recognize other issues within the world and view the world in a larger way. Allows us to be able to express our thoughts, share ideas and write about topics in various ways.

3.2. Accessibility

3.2.1. Having an education makes individuals more informed about the world, news, issues and opens our perspective to different cultures, thoughts and shapes our views on the world

3.3. Availability of resources such as textbooks, laptops,

3.4. Having the right to education enables individuals to have a variety of options for career paths and can have an affect on worldviews by seeing the world as being full of opportunities

3.5. Subjects

3.5.1. For example, science shapes our worldview as learning about the earth, the formation of planets, and the solar system makes us realize just how big the universe is.

3.5.2. Another example is philosophy which makes us think in various different ways and to take different approaches and viewpoints on issues and topics. This can help to change our worldview and thinking towards issues currently within the world and how we treat as well as understand others.

4. Nature

4.1. Activities such as hiking and camping

4.2. attitudes towards nature

4.2.1. Advocating and caring for the environment If one cares for the environment they may go about treating the world, people and species in a mindful and respectable manner An individuals worldview may be seen through an environmentalist perspective and focused on having a respectable relationship with the land, species and environment. Through this a person can gain certain responsibilities and take action on issues which hold importance to them.

4.2.2. Being aware of environmental issues May view the world in need of protecting and acknowledging how one issue can have lasting affects on people, animals and the envirnoment

5. Technology

5.1. Exposure to certain types of technology can open up our perspective of the world

5.2. Being a common user of technology can make the world appear advanced, interconnected and larger.

5.2.1. As for example, connecting with people who reside in different parts of the world and being able to view videos showcasing different country's from the comfort of ones own home can allow individuals to become exposed to different ways of life and new places as well as it makes the world seem more connected

5.3. Social Media

5.3.1. Allows us to connect to individuals across the globe and be informed about news and current issues which allows us to become more open minded about the world, different cultures and be able to view issues from different viewpoints.

6. Geography

6.1. Seasons, climate

6.1.1. Experiencing different seasons plays an important part in worldview as many rely on the weather for job purposes and in certain areas such as in Mississauga, we experience four different seasons as compared to just one or two seasons in other areas around the world. This shapes our worldview as experiencing different seasons allows for different events and crops to be grown. Climate and season also plays a key role in the type of crops grown. This can have an effect on trade and food availability for countries, thus, influencing resources and our views on trade and types of food being imported and exported

6.2. Location of residence

6.2.1. Neighbourhood Urban or rural setting

6.3. Country one lives in

6.3.1. Each country has a different atmosphere, season, climate, resources as well as other factors which shape our worldview

7. Security

7.1. safety

7.1.1. Being able to have access to safety resources such as police and help lines enables individuals to view the world as safe and helpful in a manner that can protect citizens from harm or save lives

7.2. stability of society

7.2.1. For example, living in a society filled with war or crime can make individuals see the world as chaotic whereas living in a society that is stable and accepting can create a healthy atmosphere for individuals and can influence the attitudes and thoughts others have.

7.3. relationships such as friends and family

7.4. a sense of home and belonging

7.4.1. Having a place to call home and feeling a sense of belonging can make an individual view the world in a more comfortable manner that is filled with love, security and positivity.

8. Socioeconomic Status

8.1. Can greatly affect physical and mental health of an individual, relationships, family well being, education, as well as availability of resources

8.2. As for example, having a low socioeconomic status can make individuals view the world as negative, being filled with hopelessness and can prevent individuals from having access to a good education and help resources.

9. Family

9.1. Learn certain values and expectations from parents when we are born. This helps to shape us as individuals and the world in which we live in.

9.2. Parents directly and indirectly shape our world views

9.2.1. Parents directly teach individuals values such as right from wrong, teaching about how to properly behave, teaching one about religion, responsibilities and expectations

9.2.2. Parents indirectly shape our worldview as children observe behavior which influences their own behavior such as through socializing with one another

9.2.3. Parents in early childhood years are role models and set examples for their children

9.2.4. The way children were brought up as well as family experiences can play a large part on an individuals view of the world. As for example, if a child is spoiled and given everything to them without hard work and being unearned, then the child will have a view that the world is easier than it actually is. However if a child is brought up in a strict manner their view on the world would be much different.

9.3. Roles in family and the community

10. Life experiences

10.1. trips around the world

10.1.1. Can learn more about the life of others and view historical sights from the past, helping us to think about current world issues and how they might be connected in several ways.

10.2. Meeting new people, friends and relatives from different parts of the world

10.2.1. Can have a better and more universal understanding of the way of life, beliefs and cultures of others

10.3. Traumatic experiences can create the view that the world is a dangerous place

11. Personal Interests

11.1. music

11.1.1. Can be used to convey opinions, attitudes and beliefs which can influence the emotions and thoughts of the listener

11.2. T.V. shows, movies

11.2.1. Movies can depict and reflect important issues currently in the world and even from the past. This can shape our view on the world and help us gain an insight on the thoughts and functions of past societies and help us become more informed about issues in our world today

11.3. Reading books and poetry

11.3.1. stories create an alternate reality and help one live in a world that is filled with creativity and imagination

11.4. Art

11.4.1. Studying and discovering various different forms or art and artists from both the past and present can shape worldviews as art can reflect others beliefs, ideas and culture. This can help to open our minds and view on the world and become more aware of different beliefs, ideologies and cultures present in other areas of the world as well as individuals

12. Politics

12.1. Political view can sway and shape our perception of the world as we are constantly informed on issues regarding politics both in Canada and the rest of the world

12.2. Being able to vote and having rights influences the way one views the world as it can contribute to whether a person views the world as good and full of oppertunities or a world filled with negativity and limited rights

12.3. Types of government

12.4. Poltical beliefs

12.4.1. Certain beliefs can shape our thoughts on issues regarding politics This can influence what is seen as important to us and can encourage us to take action on these issues. Also, political beliefs can dictate how we approach, view and understand issues in the world such as on climate change, abortion, government spending, healthcare and much more.

13. Economic

13.1. Availability and variety of jobs

13.1.1. The type of job one has plays a role in how they view the world as for example, a social worker can view the world as a place in which individuals or families are in troubling situations or a world filled with challenges and hardships

13.2. Trade can influence worldview as being able to eat or posses an item that was manufactured or came from another country can widen ones view on the world through learning what is grown in other countries and becoming more aware of how the world is connected in many ways (trade)

13.2.1. control over resources

14. Society

14.1. Canada is a multicultural society in which individuals are able to openly celebrate their culture.

14.2. social status

14.2.1. For example, having a higher social status, one may view the world as being great whereas an individual who has a lower social status may see the world as intolerable, filled with distress and hardships. Social status can influence our attitudes and how we view and treat one another.

14.3. social norms

14.3.1. Influences how we behave and become aware of how to act in situations To know and be able to recognize what is right from wrong

15. Self Expression

15.1. The way one dresses and the type of music they listen to can influence their view on the world by creating an environment that nurtures their creativity.

15.1.1. As for example, if one expresses them self through painting, then their view on the world could be from an artists perspective, seeing the world full of artists and getting inspiration from architecture to sculpture.

15.1.2. For example, listening to jazz music or studying and listening to classical music can help individuals to become calm and can help to understand past ideologies as music can reflect peoples beliefs and stances on problems in the world.

15.2. Physical appearance

15.2.1. The way one appears and presents themselves can alter the way we sense and see the world as well as how others treat them which in turn, can also have an effect on an individual emotionally.

16. Gender

16.1. The rights of women and men

16.2. Views on equality such as same sex marriage, women rights (equal pay in regards to the wage gap), and feminism

16.3. Living in a country where there are rights for women can influence worldview by viewing the world as a place where there is more freedom

17. Sexual Orientation

18. Age

18.1. Being a teenager can have a huge impact on the way one perceives the world as it is a period between childhood and adulthood and is when an individual is learning to become more independent in the world. Thus, teens learn more about how the world works and the struggles it contains, changing their view on the world as compared to when they were a child.

18.2. Being different ages can shape our world by focusing on different areas in life and gaining more knowledge about the world. As for example, an adult may focus on education and jobs, having a deeper insight into the world while a child may focus on games and friends not being fully aware of the issues and responsibilities that come with being an adult.