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articles a / an by Mind Map: articles a / an

1. There are two unique indefinite articles in English (a, an) that work like the two Spanish forms (un, un).

2. example. I bought a car Compré un coche They have an idea. Tienen una idea.

3. In general, the indefinite article a is used in front of a noun (noun) that starts with a consonant.

4. The indefinite article is still used in front of a noun that begin with a vowel

5. The largest part of nouns and adjectives that start with uni- also take the indefinite article a. a unicorn un unicornio a uniform un uniforme

6. Although these nouns begin with a vowel, their sound is not pure. Beginning vowels carry the sound of -y. That is why they require the indefinite article a instead of an.

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8. In English, the letter H has two forms. A form is aspirated and requires an expulsion of air to pronounce it. It's like the letter J in Spanish. When a noun begins with an aspirated H, use the indefinite article a.

9. In English, the indefinite article is needed in front of the professions. He is a doctor. He is a doctor. I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a lawyer. Is she a student? He is a student?

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