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Research the words by Mind Map: Research the words
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Research the words


exposition [ekspə'ziʃən] n. 博览会,展览会,说明

disposition ['dispə'ziʃən] n. 性情,禀性,意向,倾向


assume [ə'sju:m] vt. 假定,设想,认为;采取;呈现;承担

presume [pri'zu:m] vt. 假定,推测,擅自,意味着 vi. 擅自行动,相信


1. He tossed the beggar a coin [tossed a coin to the beggar]. 他给乞丐扔了个硬币。

2. He tossed about in his sleep all night. 他整夜翻来覆去睡不着。

aim for

1. We aim for a quick turnover of stock in our stores. 我们的目的是要加速本百货店的库存周转



New Idea

New Idea

New Idea

New Idea

New Idea