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DIY Decorative Letters by Mind Map: DIY Decorative Letters
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DIY Decorative Letters


Tutorial Overview

Instructional Goal

Performance Objectives

Why DIY?

Why should someone make their own decorative letters instead of buying premade letters? There are several benefits to making your own decorative letters versus buying premade letters. Benefits include lower cost, customizability, and the special aspect of creating your own artwork that is easy to produce for your home. This section will cover each benefit more closely.



Easy and Special


  9" White Wooden Letters ($3.50 each at Michaels Craft Store) 12X12 scrapbook paper (enough to cover all the letters) (any color, texture you like) ($0.29 - $0.99) Mod Podge ($3.26) Sponge ($0.29) 100 grit sandpaper ($3.97)  

Step-by-step instructions

Finished Project/Conclusion

This tutorial is intended for viewers with or without artistic or arts and cratfs abilities who want to make custom decorative letters at home. The instructional goal will be obtainable through the successful completion of the four performance objectives. To assist in meeting the performance objectives, the tutorial will contain systematic text instructions along with video segments of each step. The tutorial will also provide a discussion forum where viewers can share ideas and projects. Additionally, the tutorial will have a troubleshooting page and a section for more projects that can be done using the same methods and materials.