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Agile Coach Roles by Mind Map: Agile Coach Roles
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Agile Coach Roles

N.B.: items marked with idea icon are personal insights about the topic

As Mentor


One 2 One

Coaching Product Owners

Coaching Agile Coaches

Coaching Agile Managers

As Facilitator

On important resource for me about facilitation skills is PeerEducationTrainingof TrainersManual , I would call it a theory in action book , it discusses how to make training for facilitators in a step by step practical approaches with support of many theories which is explained in simple and relevent way

About Facilitation

Stand-Up facilitation

Sprint Planning

Sprint Review


quality of conversation

hint about facilitation

Selected Statements

(these are small quotes which I wanted to highlight them but they are  not related to specified area )

person is more important than formula

who made commitment will deliver it

always have a agenda , always adjust it on fly when needed

your job : to help each team member to take his next step in agile journey

your job: to help product owners to identify and really give priority for items of top business value

Teaching roles of agile coach and product owner are very important to avoid lot of conflicts

as coach in dealing with product owner (and i believe with all roles ): teach her , coach her , expect her playing the role, let the role fail (if not played ), help him learn from fail , recover together, become stronger

that amazing challenge and i belive the most effecnt way for learning

Facilitation : this is their meeting not mine

Having 30 things done yields more value than having 50 things in progress

/Product owners says "What" ,Team says "How? " and "How much? "

As Teacher

in the star : help team go further and faster little remedial tutoring  


1-2 days keep it short simple * it ends with start of 1st sprint

Teaching new team members

try to keep team stability as possbile make the changes , members in and out between sprint  

use teachable moments

right learning at right time

Teach different Roles

Glue things together

As Problem Solver

As Problem Solver

-Issues and risk management  

It is team commitment not yours

Involve us in decisions that impacts us

Agile Problem solving

-Problem introduced - Pause and reflect clearly -Take it to team -Allow team to act  

Problems Everywhere