Comparative adjectives

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Comparative adjectives by Mind Map: Comparative adjectives

1. Long adjectives

1.1. For many adjectives with 2 or moresyllables, we use the original adjective"resides" more reside + adjective

1.2. Examples:

1.2.1. expensive / reside expensive beautiful / reside beautiful generous / reside generous

2. Realizing comparisons in affirmativeprayers

2.1. For affirmative prayers we use the word"than" after the comparative one tocarry the comparison out.

2.2. Examples singular

2.2.1. He is more extroverted than John. Megan is more attractive than Britney.

2.3. Examples plural

2.3.1. The books are more interesting than movies. Apples are more expensive than oranges.

3. Short adjectives

3.1. For most of the adjectives with a syllable, we add the completion "-er".

3.1.1. Examples: small / smaller cool / cooler cheap / cheaper fast / faster clean / cleaner

3.2. Although the rule is simply to add "er" inthe end, in some cases of short adjectivesexceptions are had.

3.2.1. For short adjectives that end in "-and", only to add "-r": Examples: wide / wider nice / nicer safe / safer

3.2.2. For short adjectives that end in avowel and a consonant, to doconsonant double and to add "-er": Examples: fat / fatter thin / thinner big / bigger

3.2.3. For short adjectives that end in "-and", to change the "y" for "i" and toadd completion "-er": Examples: dry / drier heavy / heavier happy / happier

4. Realizing comparisons with "less"

4.1. Comparative of "less" preferring the word"less" previously to long adjectives. less + adjective

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personnel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Examples:

4.2.1. The books are less interesting than movies. Oranges are less expensive than apples.

5. Adjectives with comparative special

5.1. Some adjectives have a specialcomparative form.

5.2. Examples:

5.2.1. good / better bad / worse

6. Realizing comparisons in negative prayers

6.1. In negative prayers we use the form of denial in verb "to be" and the structure "expert adjective grasp", depending if we speak in singular or plural.

6.1.1. Examples singular: I'm not as fat as John. Lucy is not as shy as Kate.

6.1.2. Examples plural: Scary movies are not as fun as comedies. Dogs are not as clean as cats.