Identity Theft Tutorial

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Identity Theft Tutorial by Mind Map: Identity Theft Tutorial

1. Tutorial Structure

1.1. Introduction

1.2. What are the Five Kinds of ID Theft?

1.3. What Does ID Theft Look Like?

1.4. How to Prevent ID Theft.

1.5. What To Do If You Are a Victim.

1.6. Conclusion/Further Information.

2. Needs Analysis

2.1. Awareness

2.2. General Problem Knowledge

2.3. Specific Knowledge

2.4. Preventive Actions

3. Introduction

3.1. ID Theft Facts

3.2. Our ID Theft Plan

4. Data

5. Proposed Solution

5.1. In-class Training/Introduction

5.2. Online Tutorial/Training Module

5.3. Individual Follow-up

6. References/Links