Comparative Adjective

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Comparative Adjective by Mind Map: Comparative Adjective

1. Long adjectives

1.1. For many adjectives with two or more syllables, we use the original adjective "resides" more:

1.2. reside + adjective

1.3. Examples: expensive / reside expensive beautiful / reside beautiful generous / reside generous

2. Short adjectives

2.1. For most of the adjectives with a syllable, we add the completion "-er" to form its comparative one:

2.2. Examples: small / smaller cool / to cosmell cheap / cheaper fast / faster clean / cleaner

3. Comparisons in affirmative prayers:

3.1. For affirmative prayers we use the word "than" after the comparative one to carry the comparison out:

3.1.1. Examples singular: Victor is workshop than Arthrolith. Marcela is uglier than Karla.

3.1.2. Examples plural: Those shoes plows better than yours. Elephants plows bigger than tigers.

4. Adjectives with comparative special

4.1. Some adjectives have a special comparative form:

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personnel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Examples: good / better (good / better) bad / worse (bad / worse)

5. Realizing comparisons with "less":

5.1. Also it is possible to do comparative of "less" preferring the word "less" previously to long adjectives. Into this case it does not change the adjective.

5.1.1. less + adjective

5.2. Examples: This country music is less dangerous than yours. Paty is less extroverted than Mary.

6. Comparisons in negative prayers:

6.1. In negative prayers we use the form of denial in verb "to be" and the structure "expert adjective grasp", depending if we speak in singular or plural.

6.1.1. Examples singular: Ím not grasp fat expert John. Lucy is not expert shy expert Kate.

6.1.2. Examples plural: Scary movies plows not ace fun expert cocome up. Dogs plows not ace clean expert cats.