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Population by Mind Map: Population

1. Over-population and under-population

1.1. A country is UNDERPOPULATED if the number of people is greater than the resources needed

1.2. A country is UNDERPOPULATED if the number of people is less than is needed to meke full use of the resources available

2. Population distribution and density

2.1. POPULATION DISTRIBUTION means the pattern of where people live

2.2. POPULATION DENSITY is the average number of people living in a given area. It's calculated by dividing the total population by the area of land (km2)

3. Population pyramids

3.1. 3 different groups of people

3.1.1. 0-14 are dependants

3.1.2. 15-64 are usually working

3.1.3. 65upwards are dependants

3.2. What an LEDC's population pyramid looks like

3.3. What a MEDC's population pyramid looks like

4. Government policies

4.1. China's "one family, one child" policy

5. Types of migrant

5.1. Asylum seeker

5.2. Refugee

5.3. Illegal migrant

5.4. Economic migrant

5.5. Internal migrant

6. Calculating population change

6.1. NATURAL POPULATION CHANGE is calculated by subtracting the death rate from the birth rate eg. 10.3-8.8=1.5 per 1000 people

6.2. To calculate the OVERALL/NET POPULATION CHANGE the NET MIGRATION must be considered eg. 10.3-8.8+2.4=3.9 per 1000 people

6.2.1. Migrants who move out of a country are EMIGRANTS, migrants who move in a country are IMMIGRANTS

7. Demographic transition model

7.1. It's a model of the way population growth can be devided into four stages as birth and death rates change over time