Marketing Touch Points

Mindmap to setup Marketing Touch Points for your Business to catch customer interest or to increase your marketing budget conversion rate

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Marketing Touch Points by Mind Map: Marketing Touch Points

1. Touch Point Service / Support

1.1. Setup a Partner Network List for specific Touch Points Services

1.2. Make sure that your Touch Point Owners get the right support

1.3. Make sure that information will find a way in the reporting and feedback channels

1.4. Offer a contact and MessageNetwork in case of Touch Point Issues

1.5. Fast Reaction in Kind of Trouble (define your information Workflows)

1.6. Give Touch Point Owner Social Competence to give answers to Customer reaction

1.7. Make sure that your Touch Point Owner get your full support (Marketing Material, Hotline, Contact Network and Social backgrounds (Social Competence, Social Guideline)

2. Local Touch Points to reach your Customer on a Local Level

2.1. Local Events & Conventions MTP: You can organize specific Events for a specific region to catch the regional demands, you update your regional Key Opinion Leadership List

2.2. Local Sponsering MTP: you can use organization or specific poeple to buildup regional social realtions to improve awareness / attention for your services

2.3. Special Offers & Coupons (e.g. groupon services) MTP: you can offer Special Offers for specific regions to touch your customer

2.4. Placement Services (Google Places, Facebook Places, etc) MTP: You can offer Placement Information for bring increase the relevance from customer regional demands

2.5. Local Affiliate Networks MTP: you can increase your local Attention by using regional Display Networks

2.6. Local Business Contact MTP: you can buildup more customer trust if you offer regional contacts

2.7. Local Press or News Article MTP: many poeple reading still the classic or online newspaper, an good article about your services improve your image

2.8. Regional SEM Camapigns MTP: you can use local SEM Campaigns to increase your Sales

2.9. Location based Apps MTP: you can catch customer interest if you offer Local Mobile Services like Shop Finder, Checkin Services in Combination with Coupons or Reservation Services to order a specific service in Time

2.10. Local Website (specific Language, Content, Colors, Culture Behaviour) MTP: with a regional websites you can address your message in the regional way to improve regional trust and an identification of your services and to bind your online visitors for upcoming actions

2.11. Social Games & Competion MTP: you can setup local Competitions (like, choose best picture rating event) to activate your target customer

2.12. PayBack Options MTP: Offer your Customer PayBack Options to reward the Trust or Sales Activities

3. global Touch Points to reach your Customer on a global Level

3.1. Globale Website or Umbrella Website MTP: Visitors get a first impression of the mission or vision of your product /services

3.2. Subscribe Services like RSS Feeds, Newsletter MTP: Is a direct Contact to your customer to send out specific Information or to call for interaction

3.3. Global SEM Campaigns MTP: Advertising to catch Customer Interest by SERPS

3.4. Twitter Microblogging MTP: you can Touch Customer if you use specific Hash Tags

3.5. Global Blogs: MTP: You can invite Customer specific Blog Themes you want to start on a global Level

3.6. Social Networks MTP: You can use Social Discussion Groups or FAN Pages to invite specific Customers to use the chance for interaction or as a Display Network

3.7. TV & News Channels MTP: you can use TV news to increase the attention of your customers

3.8. Videobroadcasting / WebCast MTP: You can use Platforms like Youtube or Ustream to promote your Message and to invite your customer in the relevant Social Stream

3.9. Global Apps (android, iphone, rim) MTP: Apps are a good way to bind customer and to reach a WIN/WIN Situation (Customer use the value information and you can use the time to promote your services)

3.10. Social Games / Competition MTP: Games are a good Option to motivated your customer for an action

3.11. Special Offers on Global Level MTP: special Sales Actions like "Black Friday" is a good motivation for your Customer to follow your offers

3.12. Global Events / Conventions MTP: Global Events to present new Services / Products or Innovation

3.13. Books and Publications (international Level) MTP: it could be increase your professional reputation If you can offer Books (ebooks) or Publications

4. Monitor The Success of your Touch Points

4.1. Overview about Marketing Touch Points including following Data: Art (Local / Global) Owner (Responsible) Target Group (Categories) Costs (Budget for MTP) Time (Timeline) Relations (Exists interactions)

4.2. Define your Marketing Touch Point Event Calendar to know what's coming next and facts about History to get a visual overview

4.3. Priority is important to know which Touch Points are very important and which campaigns are on a low level to start specific action in kind of support

4.4. Review of Touch Points Activities, every Touch Point generate Information, make sure that you catch these for Review and later improvements

4.5. Keep an Eye on your Competitor, it's important to be fast on the market and to give the rights answer of competitor Marketing actions

5. The Marketing Touch Point Story Book

5.1. Be creative and Setup a Marketing Touch Point Story Book including the coming Touch Point Ideas

5.2. Make a List with Touch Point Ideas

5.3. Bring creative and product / service people together to improve the identification and internal cooperation

5.4. Setup Goals you want to reach with Marketing Touch Points

6. Marketing Touch Point Program Management

6.1. Setup a Touch Point Program Management Service with a responsible person and program members (Touch Point Owners) find ways to exchange information and results

6.2. Identification of Potentials, with a program you can speed up our processes to save budget or to increase your Touch Point conversion Rate

6.3. Share Expertise, with a program you can share relevant information like best practices in a fast way

6.4. Setup continues Review or Joufix Meetings to take care for Know How transfer, Touch Point Information exchange, Feedbacks