The World in a 100 years from now?

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The World in a 100 years from now? by Mind Map: The World in a 100 years from now?

1. Purpose of the cellphone

1.1. I think kids will own a cellphone really early. Cellphones will probably be a big part of our life. I don't think the cellphones will have holograms and things like that.

2. Flying cars?

2.1. I think there will be flying cars. In fact there already is a flying car from Wolkswagen, but if there is going to be other flying cars they will probably be very expensive.

3. Robot - good

3.1. Robots are made for people who need help, but I think if they help us with to much we will get even lazier than we already are.

4. Robot - bad

4.1. I think robots turning bad or evil is a weird myth. Robots don't have emotions. But if they did you could just splash water on them. Maybe we could use robots in war. So yes maybe they can be bad against the enemy.

5. Farms

5.1. I think farms is going to be very requested because they are probably going to be very rare in 100 years. Farmers will earn a lot of money because of the request for organic food, but also because it's very hard, and you need to move a lot compared to people who works at offices.