EU-Turkey Statement

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EU-Turkey Statement by Mind Map: EU-Turkey Statement

1. 2. For each Syrian returned to Turkey from Greece, one Syrian will be resettled from Turkey to the EU

1.1. 2.1. For each Syrian returned to Turkey from Greece, one Syrian will be resettled from Turkey to the EU

1.1.1. Taking into account the UN Vulnerability Criteria

1.2. 2.2. Priority to migrants who have not tried to enter the EU irregularly

1.3. 2.3. Honouring the commitements taken by MS in the Conclusions of Representatives of the Governments of MS within the Council on 20 July 2015 (18.000 places)

1.3.1. More need up to 54.000

1.4. 2.4. if the number of returns exceed the numbers above the mechanism will be discontinued

2. 3. Turkey will take measures to prevent new sea or land routes and cooperate with neighbouring States

3. 4. Once irregular crossings ends, a Voluntary Humanitarian Admision Scheme will be activated

4. 5. Visa liberalisation roadmap will be accelerated

5. 8. Re-energise the accession process

6. Syrians are not the entire refugee population

7. National interest prevails over the HR protection

8. Lack of sharing of protection between MS. They are tackling the root by cooperating with transit Countries at the external borders

9. Refugees are not migrants

10. The Agreement is icompatible with EU Fundamental rights

10.1. - Charter, 18 y 19

10.2. - Directive 2005/85/EC

10.3. - Directive 2001/55/EC was not implemented

10.4. - 218 TFUE + 78.3 TFUE = no treaty has been concluden + 31 Viena Convention

10.5. - 236 TFUE Court no jurisd.

11. 1. Irregular migrants will be returned to Turkey

11.1. 1.1. In full accordance with EU and international Law

11.2. 1.2. Excluding collective expulsion

11.3. 1.3. Respect of non-refoulement

11.4. 1.4. It is a temporary and extraordinary measure

11.5. 1.5. Those whose application is inadmissible in accordance with the Asylum Procedures Directive will be returned to Turkey

11.6. 1.6. The costs of the return operations of irregular migrants will be covered by the EU.

12. 6. EU disbursement of 3 billion euros under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey and ensure funding of future projects

13. 7. Upgrading of the Customs Union

14. 9. The EU and its Member States will work with Turkey in any joint endeavour to improve humanitarian conditions inside Syria

15. Non refoulement pple

16. Turkey as a safe option (under Asylum Procedures Directive)

17. The gap between de iure and de facto

18. Interest vs. protection of HR

19. EU ignoring HR breaches in Turkey

20. Legitimate objective to protect own citizens BUT limitation to the freedom of movement. Art. 12 Int. Covenant Civil and Political Rights