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LIFE,Inc. by Mind Map: LIFE,Inc.
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  LIFE, Inc. is a behavioral healthcare organization that provides care and services to mentally and developmentally disabled adult clients. The clients live throughout urban and rural areas within the state of North Carolina. LIFE, Inc.’s clients level of care range from a low level of assistance to total assistance (Cain, 2011)            

Tutorial Notes

  Lesson Three: Navigation Bar Page Three: Navigation Bar Note: Once user has logged in this page will read: depending on your access rights, you may be limited to only data in your assigned region. Programmer Note: The navigation bar located on the left side of the page will remain constant no matter what page you open. The links it contains are determined by your user profile. The navigation bar will let you access to three different document catalogs ;Corporate, Personal, and Inbox. The navigation bar will also give you access to other sites within LIFE, Inc. intranet. The navigation bar will also give you access to the Welcome Page, Search Page, Options Page and Help Page. These will be located to the top of the page. This page will be black with white text. There will be animation on this page, but I am not sure what type at this time, will inform later. Midway through this page, there will be show a link for the user to click on their particular facility within their assigned region. On all pages there will be a button for the user to go back and reference previous pages. Note: The map will be green outlined in white. Lesson Four: Finding your document Page Four: Finding your document This page will read, this page will show you how to find the documents you will need. The Client Documents list contains documents from many different data sources and are published by a large variety of people. To view the Client Documents list, click the dropdown box ( to the left of the page) to choose a client’s name. Programmer Note: There will be a note to the user stating the number of documents in your list depends on your user rights. Document type will be represented by an icon : Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Unrecognized document type, Text (.txt) file, Microsoft Power Point (.ppt) file. Note: Icons for these documents will be on the left of the document type. This slide will be white with black text and colored icons.



References Cain, H. Education Products Evaluation Project- ProblemDiscovery(2010): Scenario Analysis Retrieved 2011. LIFE, Inc. (2008). LIFE, Inc. – About Us. Retrieved from Retrieved from

Identified Problem

  The identified problem is the need to collect, electronically process, store and distribute instructional content, as well as accreditation and licensure standards, to enhance job performance and customer satisfaction. Through electronic collection, storage, and maintenance of company standards and guidelines, employeees will have access to regulatory and training content that is timely and secure, while maintaining adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) policies, procedures, and regulations.


This chart represents the quantitative data of the Intermediate Care Facilities of LIFE,Inc. throughout the Coastal, Eastern, Northern and Western regions of North Carolina.Currently there are 192 clients, therefore each client has a chart that is used for their vital information. The filing of the data is currently being under a general filing and storage system, thus creating loss and misplacement of client data.


LIFE, Inc. is a North Carolina-based behavioral healthcare organization that provides a variety of services, both residential and vocational, the individuals who are developmentally disabled. This mindmeister mapping tool well give an informative and general overview.  


By developing and implementing a web-based Information Management System (IMS) to electronically process, store and disseminate instructional content, as well as accreditation and licensure standards, LIFE, Inc. will enhance employee job performance, customer satisfaction, and organizational productivity in general.

Instructional Strategies

LIFE, Inc. employee base consists of men and women between the ages of 18-60 years old. The employee population is primarily computer literate as the majority of employees learn best visually and hands on. However varied levels of computer literacy among LIFE, Inc. employees. Barriers to e-learning; most especially for older learners (i.e., psychological, time/organization management, responsibilities).Therefore, the instructional goals for this web-based  tutorial are to: Introduce a newly implemented Information Management System (IMS). Train employees in the correct use and application of IMS resources. Ensure active and timely participation in the learning process. .

Learning Objectives and Goals

    The learning objective and goals  for this tutorial will be that LIFE, Inc. employees will be able to access the company intranet to view vital client data: • Identify, explain and operate the Information Management System (IMS). • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the company intranet and navigational skills. • Access client data from desktops, laptops and iPad tablet computers with 100% accuracy. Once the learner has accessed a client's chart, he/she will copy and paste the document as an attachment and email the document to the System Administrator.  

Delivery Modality

. To most effectively deliver a quality e-Learning solution to LIFE, Inc. employees, an “online interactive” delivery modality will be employed: • Learning goal oriented. • Asynchronous. • Flexibility in training times and locations. • Decreased training and implementation costs. • Continual learning program and availability of training content for new hires. • Cost-effective, simultaneous, and easy access to training content from multiple geographic locations. • Core training time is eight hours four hours per day over two days and consisting of pre-testing, instruction and simulation, collaborative work, and post-testing. • Access to online instructional content is available 24-hours per day, 7 days per week during a pre-arranged two-week time period.


Lesson One: Home Page Page One: This will be the Home Page Objective: This tutorial teaches you how to search, view, and obtain client data that is available to you through the company intranet. Voiceover: (The Voki will state the objective of this tutorial) Programmer Note : The background of this page will be black with red text and the navigation will be a sidebar to the left of the page. Note: Animation of a person sitting to a computer showing the user to click a button to go to the next page.

Tutorial Notes

  Lesson Two: Login Page Two: Before you begin/Login Note: This page will read: Before starting this tutorial, you must obtain the following items from your Systems Administrator,user name, and pawsswordto login. If you already have access to the LIFE Inc. E-mail system, you can use the same login information.   Programmer Note: This page will be black with red text and white user name and password boxes to login, to top right of the page. There will be animation on this page that claps once the user logins correctly.      

Tutorial Notes

  Lesson Five: View/Search for a document Page Five: View/Search for a Document Note: This page will instruct the user how to search for a document. The options will appear and you will be able to choose an option by clicking on the view button or the option allows you to retrieve a document based on a variety of criteria such as its name or author. To search for a document by author: Programmer Note: Animation to show the user to click SEARCH on the navigation bar.The search window will appear. In the search option box, the user will select a document (Corporate, personal, Inbox). The user will be able to type in the document contains box, the author’s name contains box, keywords box, and order by , author name, document name and the document name. Note: This page will be white with black writing and information boxes will be fades blue or red. Animation of dog sniffing for a bone. Lesson Six: Send document to another user Page Six: Send document to another user Note: There will be a few different ways to make a document available to other users within the company. You can publish the document to the corporate list or you can send it to a specific user or user group. To send the document, you will click send in the top menu bar, the send page appears, enter a name for the document in the enter document name field, enter a document description. From select the destination users list, select name you want to send it to. for the purpose of this tutorial you will send the document to your supervisor, then click send. The message “Document successfully sent” appears at the bottom of the page. Voiceover: when the “document successfully sent appears, the Voki will appear, or other animation with a thumbs up indication successfulcompletion of the lesson.This page will be white with black text.