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My Biography by Mind Map: My Biography

1. Childhood

1.1. Venezuela

1.1.1. I was born in Venezuela on November 30, 1994.

1.1.2. Venezuela

1.1.3. I lived there until I was 8 years old.

1.1.4. I broke my arm when I was two years old.

1.2. Florida

1.2.1. I moved to Miami, Florida and lived there until I was 22.

1.2.2. Then I moved to Orlando, Florida to attend UCF.

2. Personal Interests

2.1. Animals

2.1.1. I've had animals all throughout my life. Turtles, rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, etc.

2.2. Make-up

2.2.1. I was into make-up ever since I was younger, but I started to really get into make-up when I turned 18. I find it a form of art and I love it.

2.3. Work

2.3.1. My first job was at Bath and Body works for two months.

2.3.2. On February 6th, I got a job at Aldi and I've been working there ever since. It's been 5 years.

3. Education

3.1. Elementary/Middle School

3.1.1. I attended Milam k-8 Center in Hialeah, Florida from the 4th grade until the 8th grade.

3.2. High School

3.2.1. I attended Hialeah Gardens High School from 9th grade until 12th grade. I graduated on June 6, 2013.

3.3. College

3.3.1. After I graduated high school, I attended Miami-Dade College for two years and graduated with an AA in Accounting.

3.3.2. After my two years I decided to transfer to the University of Central Florida. I also decided to change my major to Elementary Education.

4. Important Dates

4.1. Child

4.1.1. November 30, 1994 was the day I was born.

4.1.2. August 23, 2002 was when I left Venezuela and moved to the United States.

4.2. Adult

4.2.1. June 6th, 2013 was my graduation from Hialeah Gardens High School.

4.2.2. January 5th, 2016 was when I left my family in Miami and moved on my own to Orlando, Florida in order to go to UCF. I have been living on my own since then.