Therapeutic Processes for SLT

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Therapeutic Processes for SLT by Mind Map: Therapeutic Processes for SLT

1. Focus on Clinician

1.1. No1. goal = to create independent client

1.1.1. enhance self esteem

1.2. "Mistakes are nuggets of gold"

1.2.1. inevitable self care

1.3. Grief workers

1.3.1. loss of life that they had

1.4. No personal agendas

1.5. Clinician exerts control

1.5.1. ensures goals are addressed

1.6. Responsible to our client not for our client

1.6.1. not to teach helplessness

1.7. Active listening

1.7.1. attend to persons story "be inwardly and outwardly quiet"

1.8. Attitude - examples

1.8.1. open minded resilient empathic

1.9. Skills and Knowledge - examples

1.9.1. reflective practice clinical reasoning role in MDT

1.10. Behaviours - examples

1.10.1. person-centred self evaluating

2. Focus on Client

2.1. Individual

2.1.1. taking each person's unique experience into account

2.2. What do they feel we need to know

2.2.1. pay attention to the particular

2.3. Influenced by experience

2.3.1. from both clinician and client

2.4. Medical model may dimish a persons sense of agency

2.5. Time

2.5.1. need time to tell their story

2.6. Externalise the problem

2.6.1. make the problem separate from the person

2.7. Who is the client?

2.8. What do we need to know?

2.8.1. How will we find this out?

3. Focus on Therapeutic Process

3.1. Transference Relationship

3.1.1. can be both positive and negative clinicians shouldn't act on this

3.2. Counter Transference

3.2.1. response to what is being transferred response to earlier life

3.3. Initial Meeting

3.3.1. therapeutic environment communication styles change

3.4. Ending the relationship

3.4.1. need to prepare client from start ending when appropriate

3.5. Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationship

3.5.1. Transference

3.6. Clinical practice is like a map

3.6.1. not a linear process