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AGENT by Mind Map: AGENT

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1.1. Dashboard

1.1.1. Name

1.1.2. Department

1.1.3. Tasks

1.1.4. Tickets Assigned to him created by him Open for more than 24hr

1.1.5. Calls Inbound Recieved Missed Outbound recieved missed

1.1.6. Campaign Completed Incomplete In-progress

1.1.7. Call back

1.1.8. Insights Call Duration Missed calls

1.1.9. Indicators

1.2. Calls Ongoing

1.2.1. Caller info name number caller object tag customer candidate New notes History task transfer hold disposition interested not interested send proposal follow up later Actions sales support Save as contact call back button end calls

1.3. Calls Listing

1.3.1. On screen name agent's name Number Arrival date/time Duration notes disposition call back Status answered missed Bulk actions download Ticket status details name agent name number notes contact tags arrival of call answered call end time to answer status duration associated tickets associated tasks contact id recording call back who ended the call Tickets details filters by date by time by name by status by disposition by duration by ticket

1.4. Main contacts

1.4.1. list First/Last name Number email designation Edit contact Contact object First/Last name Contact Alt Contact Email Alt email dob company name mail address pincode designation notes Attachments customize fields(1-10) search by name by contact by email by pincode by designation Bulk actions download

1.5. Tickets Listing

1.5.1. Ticket ID

1.5.2. Name

1.5.3. Number

1.5.4. Status Open Closed Re-open Re-assign

1.5.5. Open date

1.5.6. Closed date

1.5.7. Department

1.5.8. ETR

1.5.9. Customer id

1.5.10. Severity

1.5.11. Notes

1.5.12. ticket history

1.5.13. Call back

1.5.14. Details Ticket ID Customer id assigned to assigned by name email phone no designation Company name Pincode Start date End date ETR Status Severity Notes History Call back ticket description

1.6. Campaign

1.6.1. Create Campaign name Sender id SMS text Select Number Upload list Estimated Credits Used Send for approval Schedule date/Time

1.6.2. Campaign List Campaign name Sender Id Status Percentage complete Approval status Scheduled Date/Time Contacts sent or not sent Created By Time taken to complete Details Campaign name Campaign Id Sender id Status Percentage Complete Approval Status No of contacts Created by Created Date/Time Actions Contact List Credits consumed/per campaign Contacts reached per campaign

1.7. Dialer

1.7.1. Search

1.7.2. add to contact

1.8. Reports

1.8.1. Calls recieved Inbound Outbound missed Leads Avg call duration avg duration to pick Tickets

1.9. Profile

1.9.1. Profile picture

1.9.2. Name

1.9.3. Phone number

1.9.4. City name

1.9.5. Pincode

1.9.6. Department

1.9.7. Email id

1.9.8. Status Active Busy Not available Do not disturb

1.9.9. Change number