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The olympics by Mind Map: The olympics

1. Team Canada

1.1. The winter olympics have been held in Canada twice, in Calgary and in Vancouver, but the summer olympics only once, in Montreal in 1976!

1.2. Canada claimed the winning title of Vancouver 2010 BUT they shared it with the U.S.A because they tied!

1.3. Team Canada usually has about 200-250 participators, but some years they can go down to the 50s, like 1976 in Austria!

2. Additional Information

2.1. There is a summer olympics every four years, and a winter olympics every four years, but the summer and winter olympics are usually 2 years apart.

2.2. As an olympian you need to train and practice your best ALL THE TIME. For the 2012 London olympics, athletes trained for approximately TEN THOUSAND HOURS!

2.3. In Rio de Janeiro in 2016, there were 207 nations participating in the summer olympics!

3. History

3.1. The Olympics were first held in Athens in -776.

3.2. The first ever winter olympics were only held in 1924 in France

3.3. Team U.S.A has the most overall medals in the olympics with 2,520 (1896 - 2016)

4. Sports

4.1. There are many different sports in the olympics.

4.2. It depends on wether it's the summer or winter olympics.

4.3. Some famous winter sports are : Skiing, Snowboarding, Speed skating, etc.

4.4. Some famous summer sports are : Running, Volleyball, Pentathlon, etc.