Management Issues

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Management Issues by Mind Map: Management Issues

1. Labor Unions

2. Executive compensation

2.1. average US corporate CEO makes $12.3 million in salary, bonuses, stock options, restricted stock

2.1.1. stock option ability to buy company stock at a later date at a set price account for > 50% of compensation

2.1.2. restricted stock stock issued to CEO that can't be sold for 3-4 years accounts for @ 25% of compensation

2.2. average US CEO makes 350 times what lowest paid employee makes

2.3. average US worker makes @ $35,000

3. Pay equity

3.1. comparable worth concept

3.1.1. people in similar in jobs with similar education, training, or skills should receive equal pay

3.2. compares jobs that are traditionally women's jobs with jobs that are traditionally men's jobs

3.3. in US women make 77% of what men make

3.4. young urban women earn more than comparable men due to higher college graduation rates

4. Sexual harassment

4.1. is the unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and other conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile work environment

4.2. key problem is that workers & managers do not know what their policy says

4.3. quid pro quo sexual harassment

4.3.1. do this or you're fired

5. Child care

5.1. > 60% of mothers with children under age 3 are in the workforce

5.2. management issues

5.2.1. absence from work due to child care

5.2.2. who should pay for child care?

5.3. Some large corporations are providing

5.3.1. discounts with national child care chains

5.3.2. on-site child care

6. Elder care

6.1. @ 31% of US households are providing some elderly care

6.2. caring for the elderly causes employees to miss @ 15 million days of work per year

6.3. @ 49% of companies currently provide elder care programs

7. Drug testing

7.1. Why?

7.1.1. drug users 50% higher accident rates 10% higher absenteeism 30% higher turnover

7.2. 80% of major companies drug test

8. Violence in workplace

8.1. Homicides account for 16% of all workplace deaths

8.2. #1 cause of death in workplace for women

8.3. @ 70% of companies do not provide training for workplace violence