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Memory by Mind Map: Memory

1. Power Process

1.1. Realize your problems

1.2. Love your problems

1.3. Apply a strategy for new goals

1.4. Make a way to solve them

2. Your memory and your brain

2.1. Principle 1: See memory as something you do-not something you have

2.2. Principle 2: Remember that memory process works in stages.

2.3. Principle 3: Sink deeply into sense experience

2.4. Principle 4: Choose strategies for encoding

2.5. Principle 5: Choose strategies for decoding

2.6. Principle 6: take care of your brain

3. The memory jungle

3.1. Visualizing 1: A well worn path

3.2. Visualizing 2: A herd of thoughts

3.3. Visualization 3: Turning your back

3.4. Visualizing 4: Directing the animal traffic

4. Set a trap for your memory

4.1. Practice critical thinking

4.2. Use flash cards

4.3. One of the best ways to study

5. memory techniques

5.1. Escape the short term memory trap

5.2. Encode by feeling

5.3. Encode by thinking

5.4. Encode by moving

5.5. Recall it

6. Mnemonic devices

6.1. Make up new words

6.2. Use creative sentences

6.3. Make rhymes and songs

6.4. Use the loci system

6.5. Use the peg system

7. Retool your memory

7.1. Store important information where its just one click away

7.2. Use outlining software to encode information

7.3. Make conscious choices about what to remember.

8. Remembering names

8.1. Repeating during conversation

8.2. Ask person to recite and repeat

8.3. Visulize

8.4. introduce again and adimit you dont know

8.5. Ask for photos

8.6. intent to remeber

9. Master student profile

9.1. Sharing ideas via e-mail

9.2. Combine incites in a surprising way

9.3. More people equal more powerful results

10. Name digital documents for easy recall