Project Pandas

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Project Pandas by Mind Map: Project Pandas

1. Why?

1.1. End-state

1.1.1. Efficient allocation of resources

1.1.2. AI-driven, powered by various human-in-the loop systems Smart transaction filtering powered by robust classification filters capable of Algorithmic planning, budgeting, and forecasting Recommender systems crawling our systems capable of

2. How

2.1. What we believe we can do

2.1.1. Event-based methodology Proactive lookout for critical events that might drive our financials Unsupervised algorithms This is not what's happening today Example of events include New products being introduced to the market Institutional loans restructuring or deal expiry Mergers and divestments Invoices processed but not paid

3. What

3.1. The Idea

3.1.1. We want to capture these events By looking at the history of manual adjustments into our financial systems Financial systems

3.2. The challenge

3.2.1. We don't know these events Even if we do, we don't have a holistic view of what these are