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Atidan Tech by Mind Map: Atidan Tech

1. Home Page

1.1. Branding

1.2. What do We Do in Statements

1.3. Key Nudges

1.3.1. See How We Did built the most intuitive Search Ever?

1.3.2. See Why we're on Gartner's Coolest AI Applications?

1.4. Download E-Book/Case Study

2. About Page

2.1. Who the Team Is

2.2. Global Infrastructure

2.3. Key People

2.3.1. LinkedIn Upgrade

2.4. Why We Do What We Do

3. Services

3.1. Consulting

3.2. Innovation

3.3. Staffing

3.4. Technology

4. Products

4.1. All Products

4.2. Search

4.3. Indsutry Wise Pages

5. Case Studies

5.1. Search & Filter

5.2. Standard Format Pages with Case Studies

6. Resources

6.1. Industry Updates

6.2. Company Updates

6.3. SEO Blogs

7. Lead Generation

7.1. Forms

7.2. Chat Bot

7.3. Nudges

7.4. Subscription Forms

7.5. Exit Tracker

8. Atidan Tech

8.1. Home Page

8.2. About Us

8.3. Services

8.3.1. Consulting Fit Check SDLC Consulting Custom Application Development Conversions & Upgrades SharePoint Deployment Planning Services Application Platform Optimization Office 365 PoC SharePoint Support Services Support Services Open Source

8.3.2. Staffing Services

8.3.3. Infrastructure Data Lake Big Data Nintex Brightwork MS Project Server MS Product Guide Ultimate Project Office Cardiolog Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Visio Tableau Yammer Analytics

8.3.4. Support & Migration Intune Azure Cloudamize Exoprize Amazon MSO365 OkTa Workspace Yammer

8.3.5. Development (Overlay Slider) Microsoft Stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) Internet of Things (IoT) SharePoint Drupal PHP WordPress Java Other Technologies

8.4. Impact / Blog

8.5. Career/Culture Page

8.6. Contact Page

9. Onboarding

9.1. Create Department

9.1.1. Department A Create Manager A Create Supervisor C Create Supervisor D Create Manager B Create Supervisor Z Create Supervisor Y