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Level 1 Lab Skills by Mind Map: Level 1 Lab Skills
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Level 1 Lab Skills

Analysis Skils

Perform Error Analysis

Understand Random Errors

Understand Systematic Errors

Understand mean and standard deviation

Understand significant figures

Understand Poisson distributions

Be able to draw straight line graphs

Be able to linearise data

Understand Gaussian distributions

Understand error bars

Be able to use best fit lines/LINEST

Understand log scales

Understand histograms

Understand Dimensional Analysis

Reporting Skills

Writing Lab Reports

Referencing Sources

Theory you will learn

Basic Circuits

Ohm's Law




Kirchhoff's Laws

Potential Dividers

Lissajous figures

Labs you will do

Skills Sessions

Discovery Sessions

Full Sessions

Equipment you will use

capacitance meters

function generators


BNC adapters


Vernier Scales

digital multimeters