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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. H.O.T questions

1.1. Opening Questions

1.1.1. "How did you identify ...?"

1.1.2. "What does it mean...?"

1.2. Guiding Questions

1.2.1. "What could be a reason...?"

1.2.2. "What pattern exist...?"

1.3. Closing Questions

1.3.1. "How would you use the facts to investigate...?"

1.3.2. "What other way would you demonstrate..."

2. Formative

2.1. Definition-assessments given during the instruction to guide the teaching. Helps teachers know understanding of the lesson.

2.2. Examples:Exit tickets, worksheets, games, polls, one to five hand signal, or peer to peer conversation.

3. Summative

3.1. Definition- assessments given to evaluate the students learning of the unit. Teacher use these exams to measure students competency in the unit.

3.2. Examples: Midterm exams, final projects, final papers or benchmarks

4. Interim-Benchmark

4.1. Definition-Periodic testing through school year

4.2. Example: Unit or chapter assessments can include, projects, written assignments or tests.

5. Performance

5.1. Definition-Students apply knowledge and skills they have learned from the unit. they have to use higher order thinking activities to create a product to show what they have learned.

5.2. Examples: debate film making, diorama, and science lab

6. Dagnostic

6.1. Definition-to test the understanding of a upcoming unit. Teacher will be able to know the prior knowledge of the student. They will then know what will be new knowledge to the students and what they can build on. These test are not to be graded they are just for the teacher to get an idea of the students learning.

6.2. Example: Pre-assessment designed by the teacher or from the text book

7. Assessments are great for teachers to learn what students already know, help them guide their lessons, and at the end of the lesson determine how much the students understood or comprehended.