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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. HOT Questions

1.1. Opening Questions

1.1.1. What do you know about elephants?

1.1.2. What is this author's purpose?

1.2. Guiding Questions

1.2.1. What is the difference between African and American elephants?

1.2.2. What do you think they like the mud so much?

1.3. Closing Questions

1.3.1. What do elephants use their tusks for?

1.3.2. Why did the author want us to know the differences between the two types of elephants?

2. 1. Formative

2.1. Formative assessments involve student and teacher interaction. The students assess themselves. There are two types- informal and formal. Informal assessments involve observations and are spontaneous while formal assessments are planned.

2.1.1. quizzes, research assignment, writing assignment

3. 2. Interim/Benchmark

3.1. Short assessments or tests given throughout the year to check for student progress.

3.1.1. end of course exams, standardized tests

4. 5. Summative

4.1. Summative assessments check for student comprehension after the lesson.

4.1.1. final projects, midterms, essays

5. 4. Performance

5.1. Assessments that require the students to come up with their own ideas rather than chose from ideas that are given to them

5.1.1. group projects, writing assignments

6. 3. Diagnostic

6.1. Assessments used to test students' knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses.

6.1.1. pre-tests, pre-assessments