Chinese masculinity

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Chinese masculinity by Mind Map: Chinese masculinity

1. Urban masculinity

1.1. characteristic

1.1.1. men's economic success and professional knowledge or skills

1.1.2. success oriented driven

1.1.3. display toughness with maternal qualities

1.1.4. a wen-wu model

1.1.5. masculinity crisis

1.2. imbalance social development in rural and urban area

1.2.1. Hukou system

1.2.2. Household Registration system

1.2.3. Problem of education system

2. Rural masculinity

2.1. imbalance economic development

2.2. characteristic

2.2.1. men's authority in public and private sphere

2.2.2. promote invisibility of women

2.2.3. Masculinity crisis due to rural urban migration

3. Hegemonic masculinty

3.1. Chracteristic

3.1.1. inhabit position of power and wealth

3.1.2. legitimate and reproduce the social relationship and generated dominance

3.1.3. subordination of women

3.1.4. privilege certain men and stigmatize others

3.1.5. corporeal appearance + cognitive achievement

4. Chinese Patriarchy