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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Diagnostic

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. form of pre-assessment that allows a teacher to determine students' individual strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

1.2. Examples

1.2.1. Journal

1.2.2. Graphic Organizer

2. Performance

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. is a form of testing that requires students to perform a task rather than select an answer from a ready-made list.

2.2. Examples

2.2.1. Group Projects

2.2.2. Portfolios

3. Interim/Benchmark

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. form of assessment that educators use to (1) evaluate where students are in their learning progress and (2) determine whether they are on track to performing well on future assessments, such as standardized tests or end-of-course exams.

3.2. Examples

3.2.1. BOY, MOY, and EOY

3.2.2. BASS Testing

4. Formative

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment

4.2. Examples

4.2.1. Think-Pair-Share

4.2.2. Exit Tickets

5. Summative

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. used to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined instructional period—typically at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year.

5.2. Examples

5.2.1. State Assessments

5.2.2. End of Unit/Chapter Tests

6. H.O.T. Questions

6.1. Opening questions

6.1.1. 1.Can you sort these shapes into 2 categories? See if you can notice a difference between them and figure out how to group them.

6.1.2. 2.Can you identify which shapes you think are quadrilaterals? A quadrilateral has 4 sides, straight lines, and all of the lines meet.

6.2. Guiding Questions

6.2.1. 1. We know that a quadrilateral has 4 sides. How many sides does your shape have? Can it be a quadrilateral?

6.2.2. 2. Would this triangle be a triangle be a quadrilateral? Why/why not?

6.3. Closing Questions

6.3.1. 1. Can you draw me a shape that is a quadrilateral?

6.3.2. 2. Can you draw me a shape that is a non-quadrilateral?