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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Definition: The process of gathering evidence of student learning. This assessment allows you to evaluate evidence, provide feedback and adjust instruction strategies to enhance achievement. Students self assess.

1.1.1. Example: Discussion

1.1.2. Example: Quiz

1.1.3. Example: Observations

1.1.4. Example: Questioning

1.1.5. Example: Planned Activity

1.1.6. Example: Sequence of Activities

1.1.7. Example: Homework

1.1.8. Example: Pretests

2. Sumative

2.1. Definition: This normally takes place at the end of a large chunk of learning. Grading is necessary and there is a low opportunity for student improvement. Lot's of school use this for district and state reports.

2.1.1. Example: Standardized testing

2.1.2. Example: Final Exams

2.1.3. Example: Major Cumulative Projects

2.1.4. Example: Research Projects

3. Interim/Benchmark

3.1. Definition: This assessment is periodically throughout the school year. There is usually little to no student feedback.

3.1.1. Example: 6 Weeks Assessment

3.1.2. Example: Chapter Test

3.1.3. Example: Unit Checks

4. Performance

4.1. Definition: The performance assessment allows the teacher to touch base with the students and see progress. This is very student centered.

4.1.1. Example: Projects

4.1.2. Example: Portfolios

4.1.3. Example: Student Logs

4.1.4. Examples: Journals

5. Diagnostic

5.1. Definition: Diagnostic assessment is for the teacher to have accurate data about the students before the learning actually takes place.

5.1.1. Example: Pre Assessment

5.1.2. Example: Quick Check

6. H.O.T.

6.1. Higher Order Thinking

6.1.1. Opening Questions Example: What information is given? Example: Locate in the story where...

6.1.2. Guiding Questions Example: What other ways could _____ be interpreted? Example: What does ____ suggest about _____'s character?

6.1.3. Closing Questions Example: What do you think will happen to ______? Why? Example: Could this story have really happened? Why or why not?