Copy of SFGHF Current Site

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Copy of SFGHF Current Site by Mind Map: Copy of SFGHF Current Site

1. About Us

1.1. About Us

1.1.1. Heart of our City

1.1.2. What We Do

1.2. Our History

1.3. Our Impact

1.3.1. Supported Initiatives Research Orthopedic Trauma Institute Center for Vulnerable Populations Psychiatric Emergency Services Education physician fellowships Dorothy Washington Scholarship Fund (nurse continuing education) Care for All Acute Care for the Elderly Program Avon Comprehensive Breast Center Funding for basic care items, basic renovations, capital and equipment purchases

1.4. About Zuckerberg San Francisco General

1.4.1. Crucial Trauma Center Resource

1.4.2. Vital to SF Community

1.4.3. The City's Safety Net

1.4.4. Excellence & Innovation in Health Care

1.4.5. Training Tomorrow's Health Care Providers

1.4.6. Hub of Cutting Edge Medical Research

1.5. Capital Campaign

1.5.1. Capital Campaign for SFGH and the new Acute Care and Trauma Center

1.5.2. Rebuilding ZSFG (old, aspirational fundraising case-making copy)

1.6. Hearts Grants

1.6.1. Hearts Grants Program 2017 Hearts Grants Recipients (pdf with one sentence descriptions) Photos from Celebration (links out to Facebook) link to blog story tagged to Funded Initiatives

1.6.2. How to Apply for a Hearts Grant

1.6.3. Funding Interests and Priorities

1.6.4. 2017 Hearts Grants Timeline

1.7. Board of Directors

1.7.1. Brief Profile Name Board Title Company Title Company

1.8. Foundation Team

1.8.1. Brief Profile Name Title Email Phone Number

1.9. Career Opportunities

1.9.1. Current RFP "...accepting proposals for strategic partners to design, create, and manage a program to support SFHN’s wider efforts to improve cardiovascular health and hypertension"

1.9.2. Open positions

1.10. Contact Us

1.10.1. Address

1.10.2. Contact Form (online express via Blackbaud)

2. Support Us

2.1. Support Us

2.1.1. Dedicated to supporting the heart of our city

2.1.2. You may need ZSFG's care Trauma Center (Level 1)

2.1.3. Keeps the Community Healthy

2.1.4. Local & Global Benefits

2.1.5. Trains the next generation of doctors

2.1.6. Every donation can be leveraged ($1 = $7.50)

2.2. Donate

2.2.1. Donate form

2.3. Ways to Support

2.3.1. Ways to Support Annual Giving Become a part of our Heart Circle ($1000+) Corporate and Foundation Giving grant gift event sponsorship hosting an event or drive How to Make Your Gift Outright Stock Transfer Wire Transfer Legacy Gift Matching Gift

2.3.2. Heartbeat Club/Monthly Giving recurring donation form

2.3.3. Matching Gifts embedded "see if your employer will match your donation" from Double the Donation

2.3.4. Legacy Gifts Declaration of Intention to support with Legacy Gift pdf Sample Bequest Language pdf

2.3.5. Fundraisers and Volunteering Host a Donation Drive Host a Fundraiser Honoring Ricki's Memory (inspirational donor story) Volunteer volgistics form, appears to link to sfgh

2.3.6. Share Your Story form

2.4. Car Donation

2.5. Our Supporters

2.5.1. Corporate and Foundation Supporters logos

2.5.2. Capital Campaign Donors

2.6. Fundraising Support

2.6.1. How programs and departments at ZSFG can collaborate with the foundation share fundraising priorities apply for hearts grant host tours attend events

3. Events

3.1. Events

3.2. Hearts in SF

3.2.1. Gallery of Hearts 2017 slideshow; year, size, title, artist 2016 etc

3.3. Heroes & Hearts

3.3.1. Tickets currently closed; invitation to contact Elaine directly

3.3.2. Auction link to eBay Hearts Image Artist Name Artist Bio Minimum Bid Buy it now price

3.3.3. Sponsorship sponsorship form

3.3.4. Heroes 2017 heroes video Multi-Year Heroes Honorees Roster list of names

3.3.5. Committee Honorary Hosts Steering Committee

3.3.6. Heart Padlocks order form for padlocks; hearts on display at Wells Fargo building

3.4. Gallery of Hearts

3.5. Create a Heart

3.5.1. Project Overview

3.5.2. Project Description

3.5.3. Honorarium

3.5.4. Selection Process

3.5.5. how to apply pdfs associated with the submissions process

3.5.6. Submissions Templates

3.5.7. Online Application (form)

4. News & Publications

4.1. News &Publications

4.1.1. Press Releases

4.1.2. Newsletters

4.1.3. Foundation Reports

4.1.4. Fact Sheets SFGHF Hospital and Trauma Center REBUILD

4.1.5. Media Contact

4.2. News

4.2.1. POST Title Body CATEGORY Announcements Events Funded Initiatives Grateful Patient Rebuild Supporters Uncategorized Share this story Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Email

4.3. Press Releases

4.3.1. list by year pdf of press releases

4.4. Newsletters

4.4.1. chronological list pdf of newsletters

4.5. Foundation Reports

4.5.1. annual reports pdfs by year

4.5.2. audited financials pdfs by year

5. Shop

5.1. Cart

5.2. Checkout

5.3. Product List Page

5.3.1. PRODUCT Title Price x in stock Description Additional Information

6. Omni

6.1. Donate Now

6.2. Search

6.3. Contact

6.3.1. Call Us

6.3.2. Email address

6.3.3. Social Media Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn

6.4. Footer Block

6.4.1. Our Mission dedicated to promoting excellence in research, education and care for all

6.4.2. Contact us

6.4.3. Subscribe to E-News

6.4.4. Support Us