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Ringette by Mind Map: Ringette

1. Division

1.1. I play for benjamine c ( pee wee in hockey) and it is my first year playing

2. Team

2.1. I play for the 4 cités Stars team

2.1.1. 4 cités stands for Hudson,rigaux,Saint-lazare and vaudreuil

3. Periods last about 15 -20 minutes each Depending on the age

4. Equipment

4.1. Ringette equipment consists of the same equipment that hockey players would use but istead of socks to go over nee pads we where a pair of pants that represent our team

4.2. We use rings and a stick without a curved end piece it is just a straight stick with a special little plastic piece so the stick glides on the ice

5. Time

5.1. There are only two periods

6. Fun facts

6.1. Sam jacks invented ringette in 1963 In north bay Ontario. Sam jacks is also the inventor of floor hockey

6.2. Ringette is a girls only sport

6.3. Canada wide there are currently over 25,000 registered players on over 2000 teams

6.4. Ringette is played worldwide

6.4.1. Including countries like fineland , Sweden the United States , Japan ,Australia,Germany ,New Zealand , France ,Slovakia ,and the Czech Republic.

6.5. Since 1971 a Canadian ringette championship has taken place across the country