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Colours by Mind Map: Colours

1. Primary Colours

1.1. Red

1.2. Yellow

1.3. Blue

2. Secondary Colours

2.1. Orange

2.2. Purple

2.3. Green

3. Tertiary Colours

3.1. Red-Orange

3.2. Yellow-Orange

3.3. Yellow-Green

3.4. Blue-Green

3.5. Blue-Purple

3.6. Red-Purple

4. Shading

4.1. Darker

4.1.1. To make a colour darker add Black

4.2. Lighter

4.2.1. To make a colour lighter add White

5. Mixing Colours - Poem

5.1. Mixing colours Mix red and blue for purple Mix red and white for pink Mix red and black and yellow And you'll get brown I think! Why don't you mix some colours? Mix two or three or four You might justmix a colour No-one's ever mixed before.