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Timothy Leary by Mind Map: Timothy Leary
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Timothy Leary

one revelation perminute 7.00

Religion of intelligence

television: dedicated to keeping you dumb and stupid

notion of pleasure

key to religion is intelligence


wants to shock

Evolution of intelligence

Humanity can evolve quickly: humanist

Golden Age is not in the past

Every state in the world is a Mafia! 1.56

stop manipulating, lying to people, let's make the medium reflect our message 2.40

cleansing power of intelligent laughter

scientific facts giving hopes and enabling them to control their destiny

Tells the young: go and take over! 7.30

Every point of view is absolutely valid for their mind 2.35

Keep moving the camera; don't get caught in your point of view or you'll impale yourself on your point of view!

Neo-technological pagan

0.50 pagan means for me humanist

operate your brain, 'cause your brain designs reality

net censorship

Logical: otherwise people will have the power to change reality

What does a homosexual do to boot up a computer? C:enter (C, colon, enter)

The biggest taboo: death

7: The most important thing is that you made mistakes, blunders!...

Counter culture can always be faster than groups of comitees, politicians...

Disciple of Socrates 2.00

dissident philosopher

3.30 Renaissance: treat each other as human being, inner being rediscovered

Marshall McLuhen: communication

open-minded people like me

Time of the 60's

3.20 psychadelic drugs are different

"I'm a performing philosopher" 6.10