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ATLAS by Mind Map: ATLAS

1. He is the god of the Bear of the heavens, and astronomy

2. His home is the Atlas Mountains and his symbol is the Celestial Sphere

3. It is said he instructed mankind in astronomy so sailors could navigate by the stars and farmers could measure the seasons.

4. Atlas is the personification of the quality of endurance.

5. He was the Titan god who held the sky aloft.

5.1. He is also the god turns the heaven on their axis,causing the stars to resolve.

6. He was the leader of the Titans in the war against Zeus.

6.1. After the Titans defeat by Zeus,Atlas was condemned to carry the carry the heavens on his shoulder in which he became the guardian of the pillars which held the earth and the sky up.

7. Atlas through myths

7.1. Atlas is mentioned in the myth of Heracles and his quest for the golden Apples of the Hesperides. Heracles encounters Atlas and agrees to hold up the world while Atlas retrieves the Apples for Heracles,also Heracles builds two great pillars to relieve Atlas of this eternal labor.

7.2. In a later myth,Atlas is mentioned when Perseus turns Atlas into the Atlas Mountains using the Gorgon's head.

8. Atlas is also considered to be the Constellation Kneeler